Putting your content and your ideas to work for you driving conversations, inquiries and leads is a core part of marketing in today’s world.

At Left Hand Marketing, we help you move the ideas from your blog or brain into great videos, e-books and web events quickly and painlessly. (The painless part comes from our video work helping clients take the fear out of this medium!)

We work with you to identify the right information products and work with you through the whole process of translating your ideas and existing content into free or paid information products that work hard to showcase your expertise, engage your audience and contribute to revenues and profits. Our focus for information products includes:

  • Helping you develop video offerings that showcase your expertise and encourage your audience to seek more.
  • Converting blog posts to fee or free e-books in a variety of downloadable and e-reader formats.
  • Creating webinar series based on your unique insights and experiences in your market.
  • Building e-learning courses that allow your clients to learn and you to earn while you are sleeping.

Whether you are looking to augment your core marketing activities with information offerings or to build your business around your information products, we are here to help.

Check out our video on “Turning Your Content into RGM (Real Green Money)”