What We Do

When clients come to us, they’re (insert adjective similar to frustrated here) with not being able to rule the world. Okay, that’s a stretch. But, they’re not hitting their business goals. Or, not completing all of those long lost marketing projects. Or, they don’t know how to get started.

We help with that. It’s fun and rewarding.

Wanna get into the specifics? Here’s what we help with:

Brand Building

In life and in business, you should  go and find yourself. When we first engage with a client, we ask “Why should customers choose you?” and “What makes your company different?”

If that can’t be answered quickly, we know we have work to do. Our team works with you to define your brand strategy and messaging that resonates with your target market. We make sure who you are matches up with your logo, website, logo, social media and more!

Let’s Find Your Voice!

Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” -Richard Branson

Content Strategy Process

Content Marketing

We’ve all heard content is king. And it’s true, well-written and informative content can help to position you and your company as a thought leader. It inspires trust within your target audience. Businesses with a great content strategy are building relationships with prospects, earning their trust and, ultimately, earning their business. However, getting started and keeping a refreshed and consistent blog is easier said than done.

We help you move the ideas from your brain and expertise into great content. We call this “knowledge extraction” and it’s a lot less painful than a tooth extraction.

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Email Marketing

According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report, recipients decide whether your emails are attention-worthy in 0 to 3 seconds. It can be tough to keep up with the ins and outs of email marketing and that’s where we come in.

While no one likes to be judged, we believe your emails should be something your audience looks forward to. Something that makes them smile, educates them and solves a problem for them. Something that disrupts their natural “send to trash” tendency.

Don’t have an email list yet? Oh yeah, we help with that too.

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Information Product Development

Putting your content and your ideas to work for you driving conversations, inquiries and leads is a core part of marketing in today’s world.

We work with you to identify the right information products and work with you through the whole process of translating your ideas and existing content into free or paid information products that work hard to showcase your expertise, engage your audience and contribute to revenues and profits. Our focus for information products includes:

  • Helping you develop video offerings that showcase your expertise and encourage your audience to seek more.
  • Converting blog posts to fee or free e-books in a variety of downloadable and e-reader formats.
  • Creating webinar series based on your unique insights and experiences in your market.
  • Building e-learning courses that allow your clients to learn and you to earn while you are sleeping (who doesn’t want that?).

Whether you are looking to augment your core marketing activities with information offerings or to build your business around your information products, we are here to help.

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Client Testimonial

“Left Hand Marketing has allowed us to outpace all competition when it comes to the providing us with a vital presence in social media marketing and website content management.  In the ten years that I have been a Massage Envy franchisee, I have witnessed the transformation of how effective tactical marketing (getting customers in the door) is done.  I have virtually stopped print, radio and direct mail advertising in favor of Facebook, Google, Twitter and other rifle-shot, cost per click media. Left Hand Marketing has provided me with turnkey management of these programs.”

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Tweet. Like. Snap. If these are foreign terms to you, you might need Left Hand Marketing. If you don’t have enough time to keep up with the (sometimes daily) changes that social media presents, you might need to work with Left Hand Marketing.

Coaches, consultants and companies trust us to build, manage and monitor their social media. That means we create content that is aligned with a brand’s messaging. Sometimes that means we run ads targeted to your audience. Sometimes we hold giveaways to spur engagement. Sometimes we respond to (good and bad) reviews. Our clients sleep a little sounder knowing that their social media isn’t stale and is responsive to their target audience.

Is DIY your middle name? We can provide you and your team with the best methods so social media doesn’t need to be just another thing you have to get done every day.

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Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

By now, you’ve probably heard that video is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal and allows prospects to know, like and trust you. There’s statistics we can reference. Success stories we can talk about.

Instead, we want to confront another issue coaches, consultants and companies have been plagued with: Camera Shyness. It can be so debilitating that you just avoid the camera, despite all of the success stories you’ve heard.

Look, we’re not judging, we’ve been there. Some days, we still have to coach ourselves through the bad hair days and get on camera! The good news? We know how to help you get through it.

We work with our clients to not just produce videos, but we coach them through how to frame their script (or lack thereof) and how to be confident when that red record light goes on.

Sounds Like I Need This!

Why Work With Left Hand Marketing?

  • We’re different. We hire people with a broad range of skill sets and experience levels so that you benefit from a comprehensive team.

  • But we all share a core set of values.

  • We drink a lot of coffee! (Hey, it sparks our creativity)

  • We’re good people who love what we do.

  • It’s not going to be easy. You’re going to have to work. But it’ll be worth it.

  • We’re animal lovers. (the best kind of people)

  • We practice what we preach.

  • Integrity is at the very core of who we are.

  • We like to give back.

  • From cheesy jokes to delivering results, we can almost guarantee we’ll make you smile.

  • We provide integrated marketing solutions for the best results possible.

  • Our clients enjoy working with us and that’s important to us.

  • We’re great at communication.

  • We’re not afraid to admit when we make mistakes.

  • We’re continually learning and evolving so we can stay sharp for our clients.

I’m Convinced I Need to Work With You Guys!