Statistics show optimized videos are 53 times more likely to receive an organic first-page ranking than your website alone.  If that statistic doesn’t convince you online videos are necessary for your business, consider the fact that videos allow you to showcase what differentiates you from your competitors.

If you know you do something better than your competitors, let your customer base know without them having to physically visit your competitors.  You don’t need to bash your competition, but just let people know what value your company brings to the table.

We recently met with a client who told us about their amazing Italian beef and how they slow cook it to allow all of the rich flavors to come together but he said that no one knew how good their beef was!  Well there you go, that’s where a video is so powerful.  If you saw a video of the owner talking about the steps that go into the delicious Italian beef, wouldn’t your mouth instantly start watering (unless you’re a vegetarian of course)?

Additionally, your potential customers get to know you, which is huge.  Feeling like you know someone and to make a connection helps customers gravitate towards your business.  Business owners naturally (or at least they should) glow when talking about their business and why they love what they do.  And video allows potential customers to see your passion for what you do come out at the comfort of their own home.   So differentiate yourself and go out and get your videos on the web today!